You have a business related challenge, e.g. conflicting KPIs, dysfunctional team, demand for 5 % productivity increase next FY, translating a fuzzy strategy into actionable items, finding the time to develop yourself/your team/your strategy/[insert option x here], finding your style as a leader etc. The challenges are legio. I help you figure out if what you think is the most important challenge actually is that and, if so, what you could do about it.

I find that often, when we have a challenge,it needs another set of eyes to become clear to us. Not necessarily because we don’t know what to do, but because it’s complicated. Or complex. And so we drown in the details, in all the different possible outcomes or paths of action or, most likely, all the different organisational reasons why we can’t solve it.Well, I can be that other set of eyes and help you get some perspective and a clear road so you can set the appropriate course of action.