I believe that one should take a good, hard look at one’s life with regular intervals. One should ask the question: “Have I chosen this life, or has it chosen me?” Your job or career is a huge part of your life, and is often a good place to start as it, for many of us, has a heavy influence on how we view ourselves and how satisfied we are overall. Of course your life on the job can’t be clearly separated from you life outside your job, so if we take a look at your career, we will touch on your life outside the job. But it is your working life that is focus. And it’s not therapy. And I won’t go easy on you.

The reasons for wanting to talk to someone in a structured way about one’s career are legio. You want to take the next step and become a leader, or maybe a leader for leaders. You might think about changing tracks completely. You have a gnawing feeling that your values and beliefs are a bit at odds with the job you have right now. You feel stuck. You’re bored. You think your talents and competencies could be better utilised and so on.Regardless of your reasons, I can help you approach the question in a structured and open-minded way.